Brussels Grand-Place

Rebuilt or restored on several occasions, for military or political reasons, the Grand-Place that you see today bears little resemblance to its original form. Over the years, its business function has developed side by side with a political purpose. In addition to the Town Hall, for many years it was the site of all the city's biggest corporations, the economic pillars of the Ancien Régime, subsequently destroyed by the revolutionary wave of 1789. By the 19th century, the place had lost its splendour, and huge projects were undertaken to restore it. It was also at this time that intense activity, to the chagrin of those in power, began to develop in the area. From the Parisian Communards to the first internationalists, from Marxism to the foundation of the Belgian Workers Party, the Grand-Place and its surrounding area provided a focus for the gatherings of an emerging workers' movement.

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